EPA Pushes Radon Message

The EPA calls January Radon Action month.  So today I’m sharing this 2011 video of NFL Player Chester Pitts explaining what Radon is and why to test for it.  Mayoral candidate Nate Craig has been a radon inspector for four years and has helped protect the lungs of thousands of clients and their children.

In Chester County you have a 31% chance of finding radon in your home (based on readings taken in 50,000 homes in the area).  Radon tests are simple and can save your life.

EPA’s Radon Video


My Green Platform

This month I will be asking Phoenixville Borough to appoint me to the Civil Service Commission.  The CSC is responsible for interviewing, hiring, disciplining and (in rare, and unfortunate cases) firing police officers in the Borough.  If accepted to the CSC, it would be an important step towards preparing for my hopeful role as Mayor of Phoenixville, since the Mayor’s primary role is to direct the activities of the police department.

I am compelled to run for office by two factors: inspiration from Bernie Sanders, and alarm at the election of Donald Trump.  It seemed as though we had fertile ground for progress, then wound up with the election of Trump.  We all need to mobilize to oppose impending environmental, civil rights and labor travesties that may unfold during the next two (if congress/Senate swing in 2018) to eight years.  That’s why I am running.  I’ve been mobilized.
If elected as Mayor, I would use my position to promote an ordinance that required all new construction to meet a 50% renewable energy threshold.
As Mayor, I would argue against corporate subsidies for developers (known in Phoenixville as LERTA).  I would argue that any and all subsidies would need to go towards conserving what open space remains and the rest would go to a renewable energy rebate program for current home-owners.
I am also a strong supporter of the Steeltown project.  Steeltown is a proposed low-income housing initiative which is well underway, but is still in the planning phases.  I will try to bring viable solutions to the planning committee and the Steeltown stakeholders to reduce the carbon footprint for that important development.
I would work with the Infrastructure Committee to encourage implementation of two new citizen engagement tools.  First, a platform for flagging public works needs, the other for collecting citizen opinions on issues being considered by Borough Council, so that the council can better represent (and more easily collaborate with) their constituents.
I have already begun working with one Councilman on creating a Tenant Rights Authority to penalize landlords who are bad actors in the Borough.  Some tenants being intimidated, some are being charged for other tenants’ utilities and others are having their leases wrongfully terminated.  A Tenant Rights Authority would be a major step in protecting against landlord abuses in Phoenixville.
These initiatives themselves are enough to keep a Mayor busy for 4 years, and I’ve got even more ideas (Like an Environmental Authority) and look forward to hearing your ideas in the near future.
I am running as a Green Party candidate.  I am excited to join with the Green Party to see what initiatives are underway and to help promote and build a greener future.  I hope that which ever towns we are from, we can join together and make Chester County more ripe for progress.
I look forward to meeting you soon and I invite you to read/comment on my blog https://mayornate.wordpress.com/  or email me at nate4mayor@gmail.com
In Solidarity,
– Nate Craig

Let’s Get Political in 2017!

This is the year to get political! There isn’t just one political system that we live with. The national political system is complex, currently out of progressives’ reach and it’s over-run with unaccountable money. At this point, it is un-fixable.  PA State is too red to fix any time soon. Local (municipal and county governments) may be fixable with constant effort.

Things will never get better if we keep waiting for our governments to change themselves or if we wait for others to change it. Progress will stand a chance when we decide to fix our government ourselves!  Let’s aim at municipal and county governments and see what we can do!

Oh yeah… and a Happy New Year!

Phoenixville Workers

​With this anti-labor administration in the White House, we have to commit ourselves to spending our money conscientiously as consumers.  

It is absolutely time for citizens with a conscience to stop shopping anywhere that companies treat workers like trash. Carl’s Jr and Arby’s must be on the boycott list.  Yuengling is a union-buster, they should be on the list. Wal-mart opposes workers’ rights. 

Why boycott?  The reason we must boycott is that by giving our dollars to these anti-labor businesses we ensure that their business practices will not change.  Another way of thinking about it is this: when we spend our money at these bad actors, their competitors who treat employees more equitably don’t get our money.  When their competitors don’t get our money they feel the need to behave like the bad actors to make similar profits on the business they do get. 

We can encourage better business practices, therefore, by spending our money in a way that is consistent with our conscience.  Boycotting is fundamental to changing the immoral economic system that gives all profits to owners and shareholders and leaves workers struggling to survive.

The more we spend at bad corporate citizens, the less incentive corporations have to change.  The head of one of the worst corporate citizens has just been nominated Labor Secretary.  Puzder is among the worst choices to be the voice of workers in our economy.

At the local level, this means citizens in Phoenixville must be vigilant in our choice to defend workers’ rights in our town.