Local 101: Runnin’ ain’t easy

You’re freaking out about Trump.  I’m freaking out about Trump.  He’s killing education, terminating the EPA, upending our Civil Liberties and we feel helpless.

Until we decide that it’s up to us to stop him, we are helpless.  We are helpless until we take seats in local government from Trump-thumpers and corporate developers.  We are helpless until we decide that -while it’s boring- school boards need to be filled with people who give a damn about education.  We are helpless until we say -categorically- that we will not leave it up to others to fix what’s being deliberately broken in our government.  We can do nothing until we take our values where they count: in local office.

To go even further, we are complicit in whatever happens until we ourselves jump in to be the change.

It is true that we’ve all got complicated, busy lives that we would also like to enjoy from time to time.  That’s a reasonable thing to want.  However, I don’t have to tell  you that these are not normal times.  If we survive the hot head with all the red buttons, we will have time to enjoy our limited free time after we have served our part in this immanent fight for our species’ survival, then progress.  First we must all be firefighters, then the progress thing.

What does it look like: every night between now and November saying: “I’m not going to freak out, I’m going to take action.”  Then freaking out as much as our psyche requires, then getting between 10 and 36 signatures (piece of cake) to get ourselves on the ballot.

Then we have to go meet our neighbors and get 100 to 1,100 votes (depending on the office we’re seeking). This is the part that takes your commitment between now and November.  This is the part that requires you to show up for the school board and Borough Council meetings and learn the process of how local government works.

This is the part that changes the tides for our local, county, then state government.  Your dedication and involvement (win or lose) is what changes the outcomes of what is to come (pending our survival as a species).

I’m Nate Craig, and I approve this message (because I wrote it).

  • Nate