Affordable, Inclusive Housing Task Force

I was thrilled by by tonight’s policy meeting!  Tonight, three important members of the community took their initiative to create an Affordable Housing Task Force to the Policy Committee.   The fact that the biggest organizations in Phoenixville are working to create so much momentum behind creating this task force encourages me so much as both a citizen and as a candidate running for Mayor!
Why am I excited by this proposal?  I have close family working at $10/hr.  His struggle is very real.  If his car were to die, e.g. he would be unable to get to either of his two jobs in under an hour (if at all).  Beyond my family, however, I drove past a young McDonalds worker during our last snow storm.  She was walking home without a coat when temperatures were down in the 20s.  She had her arms inside her shirt to protect them from the wind.  I offered her a ride but she was already practically home.  All this to say: This Affordable Housing Task Force is an absolute necessity!  People are struggling in Phoenixville and can’t even afford coats or car repairs.
Aspects of the plan:
– Research data and have a consensus on issues related to housing affordability
– Propose practical measures for the Phoenixville Borough to incentivize developers to create affordable housing i.e. create an impact fee fund.
– Formalize a collaborative partnership with Habitat for Humanity
– Partner with developers on including affordable housing
I can’t wait to see the next stage of this proposal and then for it to become policy in the borough!  Let’s let our Councilpeople know that we support a strong Affordable Housing Task Force!
James C. Kovaleski – President
Catherine Doherty
Michael Kuznar -Assistant Secretary
Jon R. Ichter II
Dana Dugan – Vice-President
Jeremy Dalton

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